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Sexual Harassment Prevention 

Dynamic, interactive training for professionals, by professionals

50-State Compliant  |  Online  |  Self-Paced  |  Customizable  |  Interactive  |  Supervisor & Employee Versions   


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Clear, comprehensive training with AltaClaro

On-demand, interactive sexual harassment prevention training grounded in real cases


Prepare your company:

  • Protect yourself and your employees with easy-to-follow, comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training.
  • Train your employees nationwide and satisfy requirements in CA, CT, NY, IL, MA, and ME.
  • Engage your team with real-life cases: no silly videos or artificial scenarios.

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Engaging content, developed by leaders in the field

Taught by the outstanding attorneys of Reavis Page Jump LLP, a law firm at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, this training arms your organization with professional guidance and tactical tips to recognize, prevent, and respond to harassment and discrimination.


Concrete Examples

Contextualized, real-life examples of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and gray areas.


Optimized for mobile and desktop, self-paced and bookmarked, with no-fail quizzes.

Supervisors & Employees

One- and two-hour versions for employees and supervisors. State supplements for CA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, IL, ME.



Real client success for real professionals

Michael Bowes headshot

Michael Bowes


Very informative and engaging. The real-life examples were incredibly helpful.

Elena Roberts headshot

Elena Roberts

HR Manager

Excellent content and delivery! Very accessible and easy to use. Fit the needs of our company.

Anthony Diaz headshot

Anthony Diaz

Research Analyst

I learned a lot. The scenarios were especially useful and provided context for some of the more nuanced points.


Corporate Pricing

  1-9 seats            $99.99

10-99 seats           $79.99

100+ seats            $59.99



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Customizable, built for business

Complete compliance training

  • Covers all topics required by the most stringent state regulations, including bystander intervention, quid pro quo, hostile work environment, and preventing workplace bullying.
  • Real-world scenarios to help your employees make the right decision in the moment
  • Bite-sized videos to keep employees engaged 
  • Interactive content
  • 1- and 2-hour versions for managers and employees
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Easy to use, optimized for your enterprise

  • Online, 24/7, mobile-friendly training 
  • Enterprise pricing
  • Custom logo branding included; additional customization available
  • Company access to check employee progress and generate reports
  • No-fail quizzes: all employees succeed
  • Bookmarked to save progress; self-paced
  • Certificate upon completion

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Instructors with deep experience

AltaClaro has partnered with the professionals of Reavis Page Jump LLP, a law firm rich with first-hand experience on all sides of sexual harassment disputes, to bring you an online training experience that not only fulfills specific state and local requirements*, but will help your organization reduce risk and build a better culture.

Heidi Reavis
Helen Diana "Heidi" Reavis, Esq.
Nicole Page
Nicole Page, Esq.
Alice K Jump
Alice K. Jump, Esq.
Lawrence Brocchini
Lawrence Brocchini, Esq.
Deena R. Merlen
Deena R. Merlen, Esq.
Mark H. Moore
Mark H. Moore, Esq.
Nikita Bhargava
Nikita ("Niki") Bhargava, Esq.
Ethan Krasnoo
Ethan Krasnoo, Esq.
Jill Khan Marshall
Jill Kahn Marshall, Esq.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you will learn

This course provides training and practical information to prevent and manage harassment issues in the workplace, including:

  • Guidelines on what is and is not appropriate for the workplace
  • The need for a policy or policies specific to sexual harassment and other harassment
  • What should and should not be included in harassment policies
  • Complaint procedures for unlawful or inappropriate behavior
  • How to respond to “in the moment” complaints
  • Responding proactively to harassment even in the absence of a complaint
  • Training on supervisory responsibilities to reduce risk
  • Workplace dating policies
  • Employee education with regard to responding to inappropriate behavior
  • Role and responsibilities of the board of directors in responding to complaints of sexual harassment

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This training is designed for employees and supervisors in every state and all industries. Many states and localities require employees, managers, and volunteers to take sexual harassment prevention training. This course is available in a one-hour version for employees and a two-hour version for supervisors and managers.

The length of the training varies in accordance with the legal requirements of your state. For most states, the employee version of the training is a little more than an hour, while the supervisor version is about two hours. For CT, both versions are two hours. 

The course, when paired with the applicable supplements, fulfills the legal requirements  of the following states: California, New York State and City, Connecticut, Maine, and Illinois. (Note: To fulfill requirements in Connecticut, all employees must take the two-hour version.)

The core course is valid in all other states and municipalities that do not have legal requirements regarding sexual harassment prevention training. 1

CLEs are valid for attorneys in New York and California.

Under the training laws in California and Connecticut in particular, employees who are required to receive sexual harassment training must be provided an opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers from a trainer in a reasonably prompt manner (which means within no more than two business days, under California’s statute).  Accordingly, upon request, AltaClaro can arrange a post-training Q&A Session for an additional fee for employers that do not wish to provide their own trainer qualified under the applicable statutes to perform this additional training function.  Please email learning@altaclaro.com for details.

The training certification is valid for the length of time your state law specifies. (E.G. in CA, employees must be trained every 2 years. In IL, employees must be trained annually.) Your purchase of this training is valid for one year. 

The course is available online and on-demand, meaning all you need is a mobile device (computer, tablet, or cell phone) and internet access. 

The course features knowledge checks throughout, but there is no final exam that students must pass. Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate.

The course, when paired with the applicable supplements, fulfills the legal requirements of New York State, New York City, Connecticut, California, Illinois and Maine in effect as of November 1, 2020.1 State-specific supplements are also available for employees in Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The core course (i.e., without supplements) is valid in all other states and municipalities that do not have legal requirements regarding sexual harassment prevention training.

1Certain local, state or federal branches of government or governmental agencies may have specific training requirements applicable to certain types of city, state or federal employees or to employees in particular industries. This course is not specifically designed to address such requirements.

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NY State and IL employers:  please be advised that this course is designed for English-speaking employees. IL employers must provide training to employees in a language that is accessible to them.  If NY employers have employees whose primary language is not English but is among the several languages in which New York State has provided model sexual harassment training material and policies, those employees should receive their sexual harassment training in such language. (The translations available as of November 1, 2020, may be viewed here.)  The New York City Commission on Human Rights also provides a training that is accessible for employees with disabilities here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/cchr/law/sexual-harassment-training.page

The contents of this page may be considered attorney advertising in some jurisdictions.  

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